Author: jmgotsoul
I am a composer and Berklee Online student based out of Los Angeles, CA. I have been producing music for more than 20 years. I have produced projects for several independent artists as well as two compilation projects called Soul Cutz Vol. 1 and 2. I am an independent contractor composing music cues for companies such as Burnett Music Group and ScoreKeepers. I compose music for Film, TV, and Games as well producing music for artists.

Remote Spotting Session Tools

I am a composer living in Los Angeles, CA. To find out more about me you can visit my website at I compose music for film, TV, video games, and other visual media. As a composer, my clients may

Choir Sample Libraries

I recently wanted to enhance my ability to add choir voices to my film and TV compositions. I read through forums and watched several videos. Eventually I purchased several choir sample libraries. After using these libraries for awhile I wanted

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